The UK’s only dedicated vascular disease charity

Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases of the veins and arteries. Every part of the body to which blood flows can be affected by it.

It’s as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK, many of which are preventable. People with diabetes are five times more likely to develop vascular disease.

The Circulation Foundation funds and promotes research into the causes, treatment and prevention of vascular disease in the UK.

We provide essential information to sufferers and their families, whilst raising awareness of vascular disease and the importance of healthy veins and arteries, to ensure we can lead longer, healthier lives.

Circulation Foundation Awards 2014

The Circulation Foundation and Research committee are delighted to announce our largest and most prestigious award of 2014, funded through a generous donation from Mr George Davies.  The George Davies Early Career Award (GDECA) will be for £100 000 over two years to a Consultant Vascular Surgeon/Senior Lecturer within 5 years of their first Consultant Appointment.  The terms and conditions will be identical to President’s Early Career Awards (PECA’s) of previous years, and are available on the Circulation Foundation website.

The application deadline is the 15/09/2014, with interviews of the finalists being held during week commencing 24/11/2014.

The George Davies Early Career Award ( GDECA) – 29.07.2014