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Aiming to collectively achieve the 60,000 miles of the whole circulatory system of the human body!

JOIN US this September for Vascular awareness month

 Could you help us raise awareness of vascular disease and raise funds to support patients?

Are you looking to take on a new challenge event?

We would be delighted for you to join us in collectively reaching the 60,000 miles that make up the circulatory system! 

The circulatory system is extremely long - if you were to lay out all of the arteries, capillaries and veins in one adult, end-to-end, they would stretch about 60,000 miles (100,000 kilometers).

What’s more, if you raise £50 or over, you will receive a #TheBodyWalk medal too!

About #TheBodyWalk

September is Vascular Awareness Month and the Circulation Foundation's #TheBodyWalk is a national campaign to raise awareness of vascular disease and for raising imperative funding.

We are hoping that everyone can get involved in helping us to raise funds, supporting patients to live their best lives whilst having to cope with serious circulatory diseases. Although vascular diseases affect 40% of the population, they are not well known by most people. The Circulation Foundation is aiming to raise awareness of these diseases by asking the entire Vascular Community and beyond to join in to walk the 60,000 miles of the Circulatory System.

#TheBodyWalk started last year in 2020, and even with national lockdown, we still managed to achieve over 4,500 miles towards our goal and raise £7,000! 

If you can walk, run, cycle and/or swim, you can get involved!