Could you help us raise awareness of vascular disease and raise funds to support patients?

Are you looking to take on a new challenge event?

We would be delighted for you to join us in collectively achieving the 60,000 miles that make up the Arterial Tree!

What’s more, if you achieve your personal or group goal, you will receive a #TheBodyWalk medal too!  You will receive your medal shortly after Vascular Awareness Month.


The body walk logo


September is Vascular Awareness Month and the Circulation Foundation is excited to announce #TheBodyWalk, a national campaign to raise awareness of vascular disease and for raising imperative funding.

We are hoping that everyone can get involved in helping us to raise funds, supporting patients to live their best lives whilst having to cope with serious circulatory diseases. Although vascular diseases affect 40% of the population, they are not well known by most people. The Circulation Foundation is aiming to raise awareness of these diseases by asking the entire Vascular Community and beyond to join in to walk the 60,000 miles of the Arterial System.

If you can walk, run, cycle, hand cycle, swim, we are asking you to ask your friends and family to sponsor you £1 for every mile you achieve. It does not matter if you are a marathon runner or restricted by a circulation condition, you set your goal. EVERY mile matters and EVERY mile counts!



To register click the button below. Alternatively, you can click [here].

  1. Select whether you are an individual or a group
  2. Enter your details
  3. Add the amount of miles you are aiming for (remember there is no minimum and this is a personal target determined by your ability).  You will have four weeks to achieve your goal, register anytime during September to start your four week challenge!
  4. Add your fundraising goal.

We will email you shortly afterwards with confirmation of your challenge and tips of how to achieve your goals.

Your details will only be used to contact you for the purpose of the event. Please read our Privacy Policy before signing up.


Once you have registered, you can donate either a fixed amount or click "Start Fundraising" to set up your own personal fundraising page linked to #TheBodyWalk event.

Click here for #TheBodyWalk JustGiving event page.

If you don’t wish to set up a page or donate through JustGiving, please download the [Offline Sponsorship form here].


Track you miles using a pedometer or using tech such as an Apple watch, fitbit, Garmin or apps such as Strava or MyFitnessPal.

We would like you to provide miles achieved weekly so we can advertise the collective community progress, or alternatively, you can send your total amount of miles achieved at the end of your challenge. We will let you know how you can easily register your miles with us.

Link your Strava (optional):

Strava is a great way to track your progress and can be fully integrated with your personal fundraising page. Once signed up, you can add your Strava activities to your JustGiving Fundraising page so your supporters and our team can see your achievements as you go.

Please note that Strava does not link into the Circulation Foundation website, therefore we do not an update from you by registering your miles by completing the simple survey HERE


Raising awareness of vascular disease is our main priority and sharing your reasons for taking on the challenge will help us achieve this and hopefully inspire and support others.

Please keep everyone updated on your progress with pictures or videos of your challenge achievements. Please tag the Circulation Foundation, mention @TheBodyWalk on Twitter and use #thebodywalk across all social media channels. If you do not have any social media accounts we would be delighted to share your progress on your behalf, please email us with any updates.

We will share your updates on our social media so we can help maximise awareness showcase your support.

If you are willing to share your story further, please email us with a photo or video with an explanation of why you are completing the challenge, what it means for you and how you want to help others. We can share this on our website and social media to raise as much awareness as possible.

Make sure you join our community and follow others progress on social media.

Stay safe

COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for all of us. To complete your challenge safely, please follow all current Government’s social distancing advice, especially with regards to your own personal health.

Please click here for the latest Government advice.


Please click here to read our full terms and conditions for taking part in #TheBodyWalk.