The Circulation Foundation is the only UK Vascular charity, dedicated to vascular health.

Our Vision: - is a society free of vascular disease, and its associated suffering.

Our Mission:- is to promote awareness into Vascular conditions and to support vital research.

Vascular Disease is as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK. We promote our Awareness programmes nationally focussing on providing better information and support for patients and their families 

We also aim to create a better understanding of the importance of healthy arteries and veins, and how this can be easily achieved leading to longer, healthier lives.

The Circulation Foundation has created a structured research programme aimed at preventing Vascular disease, advancing and discovering new treatments and improving patient care. 

We are fortunate that today there is an explosion of scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies available. However for our patients to benefit from these innovations we need to raise money!


How you can help:

We are run entirely by volunteers and rely on donations to fund our vital research and awareness programmes. As a small charity, with few overheads, every penny donated has a positive impact.

We’re serious about saving lives, but this won’t happen without your generosity.

Find out how you can get involved.

To discuss fundraising, legacy donations or corporate support, please call 020 7205 7151 Or email

Who are we:

The Circulation Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Vascular Society, run by a committee which are accountable to the Trustees of the Vascular Society. The Circulation Foundation is the working name of the Vascular Society (company number 5060866 and charity number 1102769).