The Walk-A-Cise App – from a Patients perspective




The Walk-A-Cise App has been developed to help patients with peripheral arterial disease. Feedback from many patients shows that they find it difficult to know how far they are able to walk. Most patients do not have access to a supervised exercise class, and do not have the time to travel to the hospital for classes.

As a patient, the Walk-A-Cise App enables me to exercise at my own convenience, in my own space at my own time. By seeing my results every day I know that I am walking further, and knowing that my healthcare professional can see my results gives me security that I am being monitored.

The App is simple to use. I press a button to start my walk, and the same button to stop. This is then automatically saved. I can also see my previous walks so I can see how I am improving.


We are looking forward to the future updates of this app which we are excited to help develop through the patient survey. Please following the link or QR code below to help ensure that this app is developed by and works for patients.

Patient Survey