When people congregate around activities such as walking, dancing or swimming, it is an opportunity to establish the link between physical activity and vascular health.

You can use activities as an opportunity to bring together people with and without experience of vascular disease and share information through your activities and our promotional materials.

If you fancy doing something on your own, or with a small group of friends, take inspiration from our events section, which demonstrates the fantastic work people do on our behalf.

How about setting up an event like a sponsored walk? Alternatively, find out about existing sports or physical activity events that are happening and explore possible links. Sports events are a great way to get local organisations involved. These could include:

  • Local health and diabetes organisations
  • The local police and fire departments
  • Voluntary groups, especially those for the 45+ age group

Make sure your invite local newspapers along… they might even send a photographer to capture the event….but if not, get someone else to take photos and send the best one in to your local papers. It’s a great way to tell the story behind the day’s event.